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Värmland zelf

VarmlandVärmland is a province of Sweden situated in the middle and has 10.513 lakes. 77% of this surface is covered with forest. The size of Värmland is 17.583km2 with only 274.000 citizens.


In this beautiful province the big 5 of Sweden are still here: bear, moose, wolf, Lynx and wolverine.


Most important days in Sweden are the celebration of Christmas (jul afton, the evening of 24 December) and midsommar dag (mid summer 21 June ).

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Het weer in Värmland

meren in VarmlandThe weather in Värmland. Värmland is situated in the lee of the Norwegian mountains and therefore has twice as much sunshine and twice less rainy days as in the Netherlands.


In summer you will have a very pleasant stay in Värmland. The common temperature is about 20-25 C.


You get the feeling there is light 24hours and you will get lots of energy from it.


Winters are very dry and temperatures can drop till -30C, it doesn't feel that way. In November snow could be here already.

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Muggen in Zweden

muggen in VarmlandMosquitoes are every were around the globe, also in Sweden. Mosquitoes can be irritating, but with the right preparedness it shouldn't be a problem to have an excited adventure in Sweden.


Ware light colored and loosely clothing which cover all your body.


Use a mosquito net and bring a had.


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Clean air in sweden

muggen in VarmlandIf you measure the air quality in Amsterdam and Sweden, you notice  the Netherlands have a bad smell!


The value of the pollution in the Netherlands is between 12 and 75 and Sweden has ZERO!


Click on the picture to see it up close.


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